Aesthetic and plastic surgeon Doctor Roman Merle performs upper lip lift procedures in Antibes. This procedure aims to shorten the height of the upper lip for a more youthful look. It can be combined with other medical acts to add volume or to treat fine lines.

When is an upper lip lift appropriate ?

With age, the fleshy part of the upper lip (between the nose and the red part of the lip) can stretch, thin out or hang down, hiding the upper teeth when the mouth is partly open. An upper lip lift can help to shorten the space between the upper lip and the nose, improving the overall look.

lifting lèvre supérieur
lifting lèvre supérieur
lifting lèvre supérieur

Upper lip lift procedure

An upper lip lift procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to perform and is carried out either under a general anaesthetic or under a local anaesthetic with sedation.
Aesthetic and plastic surgeon Dr Roman Merle will make an incision between the upper lip and the crease of the nostrils. An amount of skin tissue is then removed as per the consultation prior to the operation. The scars will be just under the lower edge of the nostrils. Dr Merle will usually use self-dissolving stitches.
After the procedure, you will be able to leave the hospital on the same day.
The cost of an upper lip lift procedure performed in Antibes by aesthetic and plastic surgeon Doctor Roman Merle, is €XXXX and will not be reimbursed by Social Security.

What to expect following an upper lip lift procedure ?

After surgery, you may feel some discomfort, a tugging sensation above the mouth. Swelling and bruising are frequently experienced. Generally speaking, it is unusual to feel pain or if you do, it should be slight. Dr Roman Merle will be able to prescribe appropriate medication to help reduce any discomfort.
Visible results are instant, even if you may need to wait 6 months for all traces of the operation to disappear.

lifting lèvre supérieur

Can other operations be combined with an upper lip lift procedure ?

Soit directement derrière la glande, en avant des muscles pectoraux
(positionnement prémusculaire)

Soit plus profondément, en arrière des muscles pectoraux
(positionnement rétromusculaire)

Aesthetic and plastic surgeon Doctor Roman Merle can propose other treatments to beautify your mouth. Adding volume to the upper lip is possible using hyaluronic acid injections. This will take about 30 minutes and will give the upper lip a more defined contour, more volume and a more lustrous appearance. Results are instant and will last about 1 year. Dr Merle can perform these injections at a cost of €350 per syringe of hyaluronic acid – it is not a treatment that is reimbursed by Social Security. Dr Merle can also treat fine lines on the upper lip using legato 3 or a peel.