Aesthetic and plastic surgeon Doctor Roman Merle performs breast ptosis surgery in Antibes. The procedure is designed to correct drooping of the breasts and to reposition the nipple to give a more harmonious and shapely result.

When is breast ptosis surgery appropriate?

Breast ptosis happens when the breast begins to collapse and the skin around it becomes over-stretched. The breast then tends to droop too low on the chest. Over-dieting (and the resulting significant weight loss) or sometimes breast-feeding after pregnancy can lead to breast ptosis. Breast ptosis surgery involves putting the breast back into its rightful place and removing any excess skin to enable the areola and nipple to be re-positioned. This procedure is often called a “breast lift.” It can be carried out once physical development is complete (at 17 or 18 years’ old).

The breast lift procedure

A breast lift will take between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the degree of ptosis present and is performed under a general anaesthetic.

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Aesthetic and plastic surgeon Doctor Roman Merle will decide which technique to use once he has assessed the degree of ptosis. If the ptosis is slight, an incision can be made around the areola. For moderate ptosis, the incision is made around the areola and vertically between the lower part of the areola and the crease underneath the breast. For severe ptosis, the scar will be in an inverted “T” shape with both a vertical and horizontal incision running along the crease underneath the breast.

Dr Merle will re-shape the breast: the mammary gland will be centred once more and any excess, sagging skin removed, allowing the nipple and areola to be repositioned.
As soon as the procedure is done, the patient will be put into a shaping compression bandage.
Depending on the procedure and the degree of ptosis involved, the patient may be able to leave the hospital on the same day or stay in for 24 hours.
The cost of a breast lift procedure performed in Antibes by aesthetic and plastic surgeon Doctor Roman Merle, starts at €3300 and is not reimbursed by Social Security.

What to expect following surgery

After the procedure, discomfort or pain is rare and moderate. Swelling and bruising often occur. Doctor Merle will be able to prescribe appropriate medication to help reduce any discomfort.
The shaping compression bandage is removed a few days after the procedure and then a specially adapted support bra must be worn for 2 months. Any sporting activity should be avoided for at least one month after the operation.

Can other operations be combined with a breast ptosis procedure?

Dr Merle can also simultaneously perform a breast augmentation procedure to produce even more harmonious and optimal results.