Aesthetic and plastic surgeon Doctor Roman Merle performs breast reduction surgery in Antibes. The procedure is designed to reduce the size of the bust and improve the patient’s quality of life.

When is a breast reduction procedure appropriate?

Breast “hypertrophy” is used to describe the condition when the breasts are too big for your morphology. When there is too much volume, the breasts can droop (ptosis) or become asymmetrical. This can have physical consequences (discomfort or pain, especially in the shoulders and back), can impair your ability to do sport or even dress yourself and often has a psychological impact. Breast reduction surgery can achieve a normal, firmer bust size, which looks in proportion with the rest of your body. The procedure can be carried out once physical development is complete (around 17 or 18 years’ old).

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Breast reduction surgery

The breast reduction procedure will take 2 hours 30 minutes and is performed under a general anaesthetic.
Aesthetic and plastic surgeon Doctor Roman Merle will make an “anchor” shaped incision around the areola, going vertically down from the areola to the crease beneath the breast and then horizontally along this crease.
Doctor Merle will remove excess mammary tissue to leave the right volume for your body proportions and meet your expectations. He will then take away any excess skin to give the breasts shape and firmness. Dr Merle can insert Redon drains to enable any blood around the wound to drain away.
As soon as the procedure is done, the patient will be put into a shaping compression bandage.
The patient will stay in hospital for 24 hours following the procedure.
The cost of a breast reduction procedure performed in Antibes by aesthetic and plastic surgeon Doctor Roman Merle, starts at €2300 and may be reimbursed by Social Security in cases when a surgeon removes more than 300g from each breast.

What to expect following surgery

After the procedure, discomfort or pain is rare and moderate. Swelling and bruising often occur. Doctor Merle will be able to prescribe appropriate medication to help reduce any discomfort.
The shaping compression bandage is removed a few days after the procedure and then a specially adapted support bra must be worn for 2 months. Any sporting activity should be avoided for at least one month after the operation.

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Can other operations be combined with a breast reduction procedure?

Dr Merle can also simultaneously correct breast asymmetry should you need it.