Aesthetic and plastic surgeon Doctor Roman Merle proposes a range of personalised aesthetic treatments using radio frequency and ultrasound in Antibes. These provide comprehensive treatment for firming the skin, re-contouring the body silhouette and correcting skin flaws.

When are radio frequency and ultrasound appropriate ?

Radio frequency and ultrasound help to stimulate the different layers of the skin. Dr Merle uses 2 kinds of technology: the Accent PrimeTM platform and the LegatoTM system. The choice will depend on his diagnosis and your expectations or needs.

The Accent PrimeTM platform

This is used as a gentle approach for:
– re-toning the skin
– reducing a double chin
– reducing localised fatty folds
– treating orange peel and cellulite

The Accent PrimeTM platform will work on different layers of the skin:

In the deeper layers (hypodermis), ultrasound waves will enable fatty cells to empty,

In the dermis, radio frequency waves will stimulate cells called fibroblasts (the activity of these tends to diminish with age) and they will then be able to produce more collagen. The skin looks younger and firmer.

The dual action in the hypodermis and dermis can be combined. For example, in the case of an excess of fatty deposits on the tummy area, Accent PrimeTM platform technology will produce a reduction of excess fat and a firming of the skin on the tummy.

The LegatoTM system III

This is a more “full on”, intense technique for:
– a deeper firming of the skin on the face or body
– treating skin imperfections (stretch marks, deeper pitting from acne, hypertrophic scarring)
– reducing fine lines, age spots, actinic keratosis lesions

The LegatoTM system III also uses ultrasound and radio frequency but is inspired too by mesotherapy. Using this technology, it is possible to administer different active substances into the skin, depending on the desired result: corticosteroids, vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acid, trace elements…

In some cases, a local anaesthetic may be used.

Radio frequency and ultrasound sessions

Soit directement derrière la glande, en avant des muscles pectoraux
(positionnement prémusculaire)

Soit plus profondément, en arrière des muscles pectoraux
(positionnement rétromusculaire)

The length of the sessions will depend on the specific requirements of the area to be treated – they can last from 10 to 50 minutes. The Accent PrimeTM platform protocol usually requires 2 months with 6 sessions. With the LegatoTM system III, 2 or 3 sessions are usually sufficient to achieve the goal set. It is always possible to continue with “maintenance” sessions using the Accent PrimeTM platform.

What to expect following radio frequency and ultrasound sessions ?

An Accent PrimeTM platform session will produce a slight warming sensation. After the session, some redness may last for 2 or 3 hours.

A LegatoTM system III session will produce local and temporary burning. Dr Merle will be able to prescribe appropriate treatment for you to soothe the burning sensation until it goes. You should avoid sun exposure for 1 month. If the treatment is on the face, you may want to reduce social activity for 1 week to 10 days until your skin looks back to normal.

Can other treatments be combined with chemical peels ?

For overall anti-aging treatment of the face, Dr Merle can also propose injections of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid or a chemical peel.