Aesthetic and plastic surgeon Doctor Roman Merle carries out chemical peels in Antibes. This medical treatment boosts skin renewal and gives a rejuvenated look.

When are peels appropriate ?

A peel is a chemical treatment that aims to remove the outermost layer of the skin, boosting the renewal process. A chemical peel will soften minor skin flaws: the after effects of acne, age spots, hyper pigmentation on the face than can appear during pregnancy, fine lines, engrained dirt, black heads… This technique can refresh the complexion and give skin a brighter look.

There are light and deep chemical peels. Deep chemical peels are designed in particular to soften deeper wrinkles and more pitted acne scars.

A chemical peel

Before applying a chemical peel, Dr Merle will prescribe specific creams to use over 3 weeks, to prepare your skin.

To effectively brighten the skin, a light chemical peel will require a minimum of 3 to 4 sessions. During the session, Dr Merle will apply a slightly acid substance to your skin – a fruit acid, for example. After the session, your skin will start to peel slightly. This is the process that allows the skin to renew itself more quickly.

A deep chemical peel, using phenol, is much stronger: it is effective after just one session and requires a local anaesthetic. It is applied and left on for about 1 hour when Dr Merle will then apply an occlusive dressing to increase the effect of the phenol. This will need to be kept on for a week. When it is removed, the skin will look younger.

What to expect following a chemical peel session ?

Soit directement derrière la glande, en avant des muscles pectoraux
(positionnement prémusculaire)

Soit plus profondément, en arrière des muscles pectoraux
(positionnement rétromusculaire)

There are no particular after-effects of a light chemical peel, apart from a slight redness that will disappear after a few days. When a deep or phenol peel is used, an occlusive dressing has to be worn for a week, so this will affect social activity. As a more powerful peel, the face can have some redness for 3 months but it can easily be concealed using make-up.

Can other treatments be combined with chemical peels ?

For overall anti-aging treatment of the face, Dr Merle can also propose injections of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid or a radio frequency treatment.