Aesthetic and plastic surgeon Doctor Roman Merle performs nano-lipofilling injections in Antibes. Nanofat injections involve taking fat from the patient, emulsifying and filtering it and injecting it back under the skin as a filler. The process helps to trigger a combination of rejuvenating factors.

When are nanofat injections appropriate ?

Nanofat injections allow regenerative components found in your own fat to be injected back under the skin. These components will help the skin to renew itself through the production of new elastin fibres and collagen. Injections can be applied to the face, the décolleté or hands to reduce any wrinkles or unsightly scars. Nanofat can also be used to treat the dark circles under the eyes: injections of emulsified and filtered fat can help to thicken the skin on the lower eyelids and mask the darker colour of rings.

nanofat visage
nanofat décolleté
nanofat main
nanofat antibes docteur merle

Nanofat injections

Dr Merle performs nanofat injections at his practice. Sessions usually last 2 hours and are carried out under a local anaesthetic. A few millilitres of fat are first removed using liposuction (from the tummy or thigh area, for example) and then these are emulsified and filtered to create a high concentration of the components required for skin renewal. Dr Merle will then proceed to carefully and gradually inject the emulsified fat under the skin. The results will be visible after a few weeks, the time it takes the skin to renew itself – it will be more radiant, brighter and any rings, wrinkles or flaws diminished. The results of nanofat injections are lasting.

What to expect following nanofat injections ?

Soit directement derrière la glande, en avant des muscles pectoraux
(positionnement prémusculaire)

Soit plus profondément, en arrière des muscles pectoraux
(positionnement rétromusculaire)

Some redness and bruising may appear at the liposuction sites. As very fine needles are used for nanofat injections, there are no scars. It is advisable to avoid exposure to sun for 1 month.